Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Making Do . Thanksgivingmas

Today is New Years Eve and with the last whispers of Christmas being put away I am posting just one more Christmas 'Making Do'. 

About 8 years ago I found these huge wreaths for $16 at Winners on their after Thanksgiving sale.  Stored them in my garage and for the next years loaned them to my church to place on their beautiful windows for the Thanksgiving décor.  We are no longer at that church and with a 46 inch diameter they were too big for my front door so I found a gorgeous spot in my kitchen!

The most easy decorating ever!

When Thanksgiving was over I loved it so much that I could not take it down.  The following year I decided to turn one into a Christmas wreath and make it legit.  Rather than run out and find Christmas accents I chose to keep in the heart of  'making do' and pulled out my green and red paint spray cans.  I'm quite pleased with how it has turned out.  A Win from Winners! 

I love the non-traditional green

In context

And now with Christmas tucked away.  It's time to breathe deep and look forward.  Happy New Year everybody.

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